by Glenn Martin

Human Values and Ethics in the Workplace

A framework for living, working and leading ethically

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The Little Book of Ethics: A human values approach

The core concepts from my first book are presented neatly in just 100 pages. Released August 2011. Click on the image to find out more.

Little book of ethics

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"Glenn the Pen" Blog

I've started a new blog. Eventually it got too hard to try to separate my different writings. It's all part of the same mix - ethics, experience, leadership, spirituality (whatever meaning we choose to assign to that).

Glenn the Pen

Everybody knows....

Given the recent death of Leonard Cohen (November 2016), I have revised an essay I wrote about ethics in business that drew on the song he wrote: "Everybody knows".

The question of whether you should act ethically in business frequently attracts two types of responses: "Yes, of course, you should" and "Yes, but it’s often not practical". In the song, Cohen says "Everybody knows that the good guys lost". He had his view, but we can reach for something more. (View the article.).

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Ethics and Values in Business

Ethics and Values in Business is focused on ethics and accountability in organisations as the foundation for sustainable business success. A shared commitment to ethical behaviour builds trust. When there is trust, people can give more, venture more and think more freely. Creativity is possible, and groups begin to aspire to adventurous goals and work collaboratively.

Leading and working ethically

About the book: Is it possible in the current business environment to work and lead with integrity and values?

In Human values and ethics in the workplace, Glenn shows how people's values and behaviour arise out of their beliefs - their world view. He offers a framework of values that enables us to move beyond the legal compliance perspective, and create the foundation for a life of aspiration and purpose, at work and in all areas of your life.

Rather than being an additional burden on people or organisations, ethics and values are a liberating force, leading to higher performance, better quality relationships and an expanded sense of meaning and identity. Values are necessary even for achieving compliance, but they prove themselves to be the very basis for sustainable success.

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Core concepts

Read more about the core concepts of human values and ethics.