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About Ethics and Values in Business

Ethics and Values in Business (EVB) is focused on how ethics and accountability in organisations can be the foundation for great things. A shared commitment to ethical behaviour builds trust. When there is trust, people can give more, venture more and think more freely. Creativity is possible, and groups begin to aspire to adventurous goals and work collaboratively.

Glenn Martin is the principal of EVB. He works in collaboration with other professionals when projects require their complementary skills.

Glenn has held leadership positions in organisations in the community and public sectors as well as in commercial operations. His experience includes responsibility for finances, staff, business development, human resource management and public relations.

Glenn has worked for over ten years as a writer and editor for publications on all aspects of human resources practice, and learning and development. He also designs training courses, face-to-face and online, on coaching and mentoring, as well as other HR topics and business ethics. He has managed the design and implementation of online learning projects.

Glenn has presented papers and workshops at many conferences and seminars.

Glenn holds a Bachelor of Business (First Class Honours) and a Master of Education (Online Education). He is currently studying at University of Notre Dame (Sydney) for a PhD in the area of business ethics.

Glenn is the author of two books of ethics: Human Values and Ethics in the Workplace (2010) and The Little Book of Ethics (2011). The first presents his perspective on what drives people’s behaviour in the workplace, and how ethical conduct can be fostered productively in organisations.

The second is a concise presentation of the key concepts of the human values approach to ethics. Click here to purchase any of Glenn's books or click on the icon below to go to Glenn's Author Page at

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