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There is a flow of things from light to dark and from dark to light. The way of virtue is to stay centred and upright. Continually correct yourself. Remain connected to the source.


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[April 2015] The Glenn Martin website has been updated.

Glenn's ethics books now available through


Glenn Martin's book, Human Values and Ethics in the Workplace, is now available for purchase through the website This makes it easier for people outside of Australia to buy the book. Look out for it soon on Amazon as well. There is a discount price for the book on Lulu.


Leadership and ethics through the eyes of the I Ching: Conference presentation

Glenn spoke at the Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLaM) conference at Baulkham Hills in Sydney in February 2010.

He presented a session on the value of the I Ching as a source of wisdom for leaders.

Download the article Bookofchanges for free.

A novel for the business world

Glenn's first novel is a story about life and ethical leadership, and about the value of the I Ching as a source of guidance and wisdom. When our focus is on the importance of ethics, we are addressing the question that Peter Singer phrased as "How ought we to live?"

But the question of how to live ethically evolves into a broader question. Piero Ferrucci articulated this question as "What is the most that we may be?" The I Ching recognises that these questions arrive together, and we need to address both.

Read more about The Ten Thousand Things and purchase a copy.



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