The purpose of Ethics and Values in Business is to assist organisations, individuals and communities to see ethics constructively, in a way that makes sense of their experience and enables them to commit to leading, working and living with integrity.

Ethics and Values in Business (EVB) supports individuals, organisations and social groups to obtain clarity about ethics and values, and to transform themselves by living up to their values. EVB offers publications, training and consultancy services that enable organisations and individuals to ground their strategy, systems, culture and relationships on human values and ethics.

The goal is effectiveness which is sustainable because it does not violate universal principles of life and harmony.

To managers, EVB offers the insight and see the importance of values and ethics in their work and business performance. It is not only possible to incorporate values and ethics into the way you do business and deal with people, it is eventually necessary, and it transforms the way you see business.

There are many benefits to bringing values and ethics explicitly into organisations. Organisations that endeavour to operate ethically are known to have higher employee morale and to perform above the market average. Problems of stress, fraud and staff turnover are reduced. Communication and teamwork improve, and creativity is greater. Trust within the organisation and with external stakeholders is stronger, and the workplace is more energised.

The concepts and practices that underpin Ethics and Values in Business are explained at Core Concepts.

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