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Ethics and Values in Business can provide support for organisations and executives to achieve their business goals while aligning with ethical values. We can help you to assess your current situation and establish practices that will create a workplace culture that is both ethical and energised.

For organisations

We can help you with investigating the current status of your workplace culture and perceptions about organisational values:

We conduct surveys and analyse the information to produce reports and recommendations that will guide your development of policies and change programs.

We can assist you with the development of appripriate, workable policies and codes of conduct.

Written materials and training programs

We provide a range of written resource materials on working and leading ethically, through simple practices that will restore trust and enthusiasm in teams and across the organisation.

We offer training programs on a range of ethics and compliance topics.

Our key areas of knowledge and experience are:

If your organisation is wanting to move beyond compliance programs to a values-driven workforce, we can assist in designing customised ethics training, formulating codes of ethics and developing a comprehensive ethics program that will enable the organisation to transform its culture.

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Glenn Martin is available to present to organisations and conferences on the core human values approach to ethics and compliance in organisations. The core human values model provides a powerful new perspective for understanding workplace dynamics and creating a more effective foundation for success and – yes, happiness.

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